It is usually a difficult job trying to get British TV apps working abroad, BBC iPlayer is no exception. If you wish to watch BBC iPlayer abroad, then you will need to install a VPN on your devices. A UK VPN will switch your IP address  of one from the UK, so that not only BBC, but all UK TV Television apps will work wherever you are in the world and on any Internet enabled device.

there are roughly 5.6 million British passport holders out of the UK permanently and at least 2 million on holidays, so that makes for alot of Brits abroad. Many Brits wish to watch TV from back home and those who pay to fund these TV service believe that they should be able to access these services without any restrictions.

There are also tens of millions of people throughout Asia, especially China who try to access BBC iPlayer on a daily basis. English by far the most desired language to speak by those wishing to speak a second language, and many turn to the British Broadcasting Corporation for this, when they can.

If you wish to access BBC iPlayer overseas on your laptop, tablet, smart phone or smart TV set, then a VPN is always the best choice. We recommend VPN01 as it is one of the few providers that still unblocks BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub abroad. It also has no limits on data and is totally uncapped. It has a 30 days free trial which can be accessed by visiting